Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & Hazara Controversy
March 31, 2012
March 31, 2012
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A UN Commission, headed by Chilean U.N. Ambassador Heraldo Munoz and assisted by former Indonesian Attorney General Marzuki Darusman and Ireland’s former Deputy Police Commissioner, Peter Fitzgerald, presented to the public on April 15,2010. has thoroughly enquired into the circumstances leading to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto at Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007.

This monumental report has clearly pointed at the Musharaf government, ISI and Talibans (Al Qaeda). But, the main accused is Military Intelligence (ISI), which is considered not only responsible for killing Benazir Bhutto, but now actively trying to create hurdles in the process of investigations into this tragic death. It has been proved beyond any doubt that ISI was involved in removing evidence from the death site and hampered the UN Commissions officials to work independently by interviewing the persons responsible for the security of Benazir Bhutto.

The report says, ”This pervasive involvement of intelligence agencies in diverse spheres, which is an open secret, has undermined the rule of law, distorted civilian-military relations and weakened some political and law enforcement institutions. At the same time, it has contributed to wide-spread public distrust in those institutions and fed a generalized political culture that thrives on competing conspiracy theories.”

Director General,  Military Intelligence,  Major General Nadim Ejaz is said to be responsible for washing the site of the killing of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto to wash-up the clues leading to her killers. He is allegedly involved in the May Karachi killing spree executed in collaboration with MQM, killing innocent Lawyers. He is allegedly involved in the  killing of Akbar Bhugti. He is that bloody villains who  pressured but un-successfully,  Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudri to resign. People like Ansar Abbasi who are on the pay-roll of ISI are harping the typical tune of Conspiracy Theories by putting the blame on some International Powers, just to misguide the general public. But, time has come to arrest this killer of innocent civilians, lawyers and politicians. Army should not be treated as SACRED COW anymore, otherwise Pakistan will have to face the dire consequences. The government should show its muscles by arresting all those who could have been a part of this conspiracy. The Judiciary is independent now. I am sure that definitely the culprits will be punished for their crimes.

Despite these clear indications of involvement of ISI, Military Intelligence and Military Establishment in the murder of Benezir Bhutto , President Obama is giving good conduct certificates to these organizations. Now, every politician, bureaucrat and every ordinary person should open its eyes towards the un-bridled powers of Secret Military Agencies like ISI, which is involved in rampant killings, abductions, tortures and drug-trafficking. Time has come to cut the wings of these secret agencies. Because, it is the pervasive interference of Military Agencies in the affaires of other law enforcement agencies which has eroded the credibility and effectiveness of the public law enforcement agencies in Pakistan.