March 31, 2012
March 31, 2012
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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & Hazara Controversy

Naveed ur Rehman
Published first on April 16, 2010
The famous family of serial killers of Hazara are inflaming the already tense situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. First General Ayub Khan a military dictator and the traitor of Pashtuns, who was the first to put Pakistan on the destructive path of military dictatorship, culminated in the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971. Then Gohar Ayub, his son who also claim to be Pashtun was the main instigator of the blood-bath in Karachi, in which the blood of innocent Pashtuns was spelt. Now, true to the old tradition of this family of bastards Mr. Umar Ayub is also bent upon flaring fires of hatred and animosity between Pashtuns and the peace-loving people of Hazara, just for political point scoring, on the name of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Their main objection is that this name will lead towards the establishment of Greater Pakhtunistan. I think the Pashtun leadership should make it clear to these hypocrats of Hazara, living among Pashuns like black sheeps that they cannot conspire against Pashtun Nation any more as agents of neo-colonialists Punjabi Military Establishment to further toruture, humiliate, harass and kill the Pashtun Nation. Enough is enough. Now, these black sheeps should be thrown out of the land of Pashtuns, because they have shown their real faces as agents of the Military Establishment, which is always haunted by the Pashtun Phobia. They are using old British policy of divide and rule to create fissures among Pashtun Nation. So that to stop Pashuns get their identity, and then mobilize the anti-Pakistan young generation for the creation of Great Pakhtunistan.
Time has come that the Pashtun leadership, particularly, ANP and Pakhtunkhwa Mili Awami Party should not be apologetic to the Punjabi politicians. They should be told in clear-cut terms that we will not tolerate their interference in the internal affairs of Pashtuns. We have waited for our identity for the last 63 years. FIR should be registered against the PML (Q) leadership including Gohar Ayub, Umar Ayub and so called Human Rights Activist Umar Asghar for the looting and plundering of public and private properties by mobs supported and incited by them. They should be immediately arrested and tried for being accomplice to all this destruction of public and private property. Pashtun Nation is waiting for Ahmad Shah Abdali, Mehmood Ghaznavi and Sher Shah Suri to show to these Punjabi neo-colonists the real qualities of brave Pashtuns known as a Martial race in the world. These cowards monkeys are just disturbing the sleeping Pashtun lions. When they will wake up, they will clear all the accounts of the last 63 years injustices done to Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now the Pashtuns cannot tolerate the hypocritical policies of Punjabi dominated Military Establishment.
Pashtuns have been campaigning for their name and identity for the last 63 years peacefully and not a single incidence of violence can been attributed to their peaceful struggle. But these cronies of the Establishment are involved in highhanded tactics to create problems for Pashtuns. I abhor the use of force but Pashtun leadership must take stern action against these plunderers, looters and traitors of Pashtuns. If these two families do not like Pashuns, then they should go to Punjab to live with their masters. Punjab must know it that Pashtuns are a Martial race and if they are further humiliated their reaction can result in a big bloodbath in the region. This message should be conveyed to the coward Military Establishment who is afraid of a GREAT PAKHTUNISTAN made up of Afghanistan, Pakhtunkhwa and some part of Baluchistan. The Military Establishment should read this writing on the wall. Pashtuns have been awakened. They will never compromise on their identity, traditions, nationhood and 3000 years old history. They will never leave their destiny at blood-soaked hands of the Wahhabis financed mercenaries of Pakistan Army.