October 28, 2020
PTM exposes the lies of ISPR to the world
October 30, 2020
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« Any act of Enforeced Disappearances is an offence to Human Dignity » states UN Declaration on protection of all persons from eforced disappearances.

According to PTM, about 75000 innocent Pashtuns have been killed, 32000 are missing and 2.5 millions have been internally displaced in the so-called war on Terrorism. 1200 Notables were killed who opposed the occupation of Tribal Areas by Taliban and Pakistan Army. Every educated and liberal Pashun is the target of Pakistan Army and its proxies Taliban. The disappeared persons are in 17 known and several unknown Internment Centres spread all over Pakistan, where they are humiliated and tortured. Most of them are suffering from psychological and mental problems. The missing persons who have been released recently are suffering from psychological problems. Independent observers believe that most of the missing persons have been killed and dumped in mass-graves. Pashtuns don’t trust Pakistan Army, the Pakistani government, the Judiciary and its puppet Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). 

In March 2011 a Commission of Enquiry on Enforeced disappearances was Established to look into the problem of mission persons. But, it appears that it was also a ploy to hoodwink the masses in Pakistan. According to recently published finding of the Commission 4804 cases of missing persons were investigated in which 3274 Cases were treated and 1710 cases are still pending. Most of the missing persons are Pashtuns. It is ironic to note that the 3274 cases treated does not mean that these persons have been released or presented before the courts but it just mean that these missing persons are detected.

 The head of this commission Justice Javed Iqbal threw a bombshell when he revealed before a parliamentary Committee that more than 4000 mission persons have been sold by Presiden Musharaf Regime to foreign countries for dollars. This statement un-mask the lies and deceits of Pakistani Institutions including Judiciary.  If the honorable Justice is right then more than 8000 Persons are mission rather than 4804 as mentioned in the report of the Commission.

How can such gross human rights violations can happen in a society which claims to be a civilised society where the rule of law and supremacy of the constitution prevails. The said commission failed to fix the responsibility on individuels and organisation. Neither it filed reports against named individuels responsible directly or indirectly for disappearances.