7 Special Rapporteurs and working groups of United Nations Human Rights Council have expressed their concern on the arbitrary detention of PTM leader and MNA Ali Wazir
November 13, 2021
May 16, 2022
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Paris, France: December 9, 2021.

Bangladesh genocide of 1971 is little known but one of the most savage of the 20th century with more than 3 millions killed, many more injured, around 4000000 women tortured and raped and millions displaced. 

This systematic Pre-planned  mass murder by the Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army was aimed at cleansing the whole Bengali population in East Pakistan and robe  them of their identity.

Repeating the  erst-while East Pakistan example, Pakistan army has been involved in slow genocide , mass murder and slaughter of Pashtuns during the last 20 years on the pretext of the so-called war on terror, killing in a systematic pattern our political nationalist elite, notables, intellectuals and academics and whole population in former FATA by indiscriminate use of heavy artillery and bomber jets like F-16. As a result 75000  Pashtuns were killed,  more than 32000  forcibly disappeared , and millions displaced. Our resources are  looted and plundered. Our language, history and culture destroyed.

Had the International Community recognized the Bangladesh genocide and the perpetrators had been brought to justice, we could have prevented present on-going genocide of PASHTUNS,BALOCHS and Sindhis in Pakistan.

I think, despite the fact it is too late but even now if the perpetrators of  Bangladesh genocide are held accountable and tried at International  Crimes Tribunal, the situation in present Pakistan would have been different.

We Pashtuns would like to learn from the Bangladesh genocide to prevent further genocide of Pashtuns by the Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army by documenting the cases and taking them up with International institutions and the world as a whole and try the perpetrators at International Crime Tribunal at Hague.

Fazal ur Rehman Afridi